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This Is Ferenc

My intent is to introduce a wide range of creative and available ideas, concepts, and possibilities to Express Feelings, Emotions, and Ingenuity, to Motivate the Mind and enrich the soul.

Thinking is a
Mysteries Gift of Being

Affordable Housing, the Impossible Dream.

The objective is; to make it possible.
Affordable Housing Concept

What is important to a human’s basic existence?

Freedom, Economy, Security,  = Prosperity  FESP

Under these conditions, people can excel, prosper, create, and imagine all of the possibilities that life offers.

Imagination is a preview of our future.

People are the source of life, imagination, creation, the foundation of our existence.  

The flow of wealth has to be recycled.

At the present time the wealth flows to a very small segment of our society, this situation creates the foundation for the Socialist, Radical elements to exploit for their own twisted ideas.


The flow of wealth has to be recycled, to the people that create and builds the foundation and stability of our exitance.

The most forgotten segment of our society;

the American Workers, The Middle Class.

Do not give to charity; give it to people.

Charity is like a trickle-down economy—very little trickles down.
So, the idea is to create a national movement outside the government and the overbearing bureaucracy to mitigate the housing burden on the average people, that are practically enslaved in survivor. 

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