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The Mind of the Young.

They are The Future

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Project Impossible.


My reasoning to explore and introduce several possibilities to Make Our Main Street, which is the Face of our Town a unique destination, is to motivate the creative soul of our community, to contribute ideas, within accomplishable reality.


This scenario that I introduce has to

be explored

and be a community dialog. 

 Main Street Has to Became a Destination,

The Walk of Art, Life, and Imagination.


It is a unique challenge and opportunity for our community to participate and contribute, exploring all available possibilities.

I continue to post ideas on various community-related issues.


Look for it. Comment, contribute, participate, imagine.


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Hello St. Helena,

Please reflect, consider and comment on this scenario.    

Just reflecting on The Future of St. Helena.

The Mind of the Young

A youth center with an objective and a purpose.

Creating The Walk of Art on Main Street, and The Yellow Brick Road that leads to Adams, the ultimate destination where we can create another dimension to our town, expanding our horizons.

The young people of our town must take the lead in the revitalization of our town, St. Helena, providing the creative energy.


Their understanding of the magic of technology that will play a major role in accomplishing our objective.


It is their future that we are building.

Create a Youth Center, a Motivational Environment, harvesting and applying all the creativity, energy, and intellect, imagination that a young mind possesses.

The present Art and Recreation Building is a perfect place to do this.

Arts & Recreation Director Dave Jahns can lead this effort.

I will be very supportive of this concept, as many others strive for the driving force and imagination that the young mind offers.  

It will lead us into a prosperous future.

This Is Ferenc



Adams Revived.

The Future of our town; St. Helena.

The reality of the times that we must face.

How to create an environment that lives up to the present economic, political, and social environment and turmoil.

I firmly believe that the future of the community-owned Adams Street Property is “The Future of St Helena”.

I develop this concept/plan that most likely serves and represents the best interests of our community.

A plan that will create a forward-looking dimension, creating an environment that will set us above the average, providing a higher standard of excellence, excitement, amusement, motivation, and enlightenment.

An incomparable destination.

How Can This Idea, This Goal Become can a Reality?

I am exploring ideas – possibilities to acquire the necessary financing for this I shall expand on this subject.     

Wow, wow, this is big.

OK, This Is How we can accomplish this.

Establish a Very Exclusive Convention Center with no more than a 300-seat capacity.

Equipped with all the magic of technology.

An outreach to the world to communicate, explore and collaborate. 

The Convention Center is the foundation of the concept. This is the core. 

The Center provides and serves many needs at a level of excellence. Available for council meetings and other official functions.

By connecting Main Street with the Yellow Brick Road to Adams, we are opening up another dimension, extending the horizons of our town.

Making Main Street "A Walk of Art" leads to ADAMS, which is another dimension of art and garden environment. It is like a breath of fresh air.

Local vendors will provide all services, food, catering, and other needs.

At this point, what I can do is to further this "Idea/Concept" and plant it in the public mind by communicating through all the available tools of technology that is available to me.

Imagine, think about it.

Thinking is a Magical Gift of Being.

Thinking requires no money and no permission.

So, observe, reflect, and contemplate with an open mind. I imagine all of the possibilities.

I am going to refine the concept and search for people that have the quality and ability to accomplish and manage an enterprise as I describe and imagine.

This might be an impossible dream, but I am having a lot of satisfaction and fun just because, why not?

This is Ferenc.

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