This Is Ferenc

Thinking is a Mysteries Gift of Being

My intent is to introduce a wide range of creative and available ideas, concepts, and possibilities to Express Feelings, Emotions, and Ingenuity.

On the Wings of Creativity and Imagination,

Not to do, is Not to Be

Retirement, Freedom?

When ONE retires, ONE becomes FREE, except ourselves.

When one retires and becomes free, let's say at the age of

60 - 65, they have another lifetime of 10, 20 to 30 years to live, to creatively and satisfyingly fulfill.


To fill the decades of a lifetime in a way that is satisfying, fulfilling, and contributing, is the greatest challenge that we have to face, it is a “Unique Form of Art.”


How to make “the Old Mind” THINK “Young Again”.

Do Something, Think Something.

Not to Do, is Not to Be.


Retired people’s greatest asset and dilemma is “TIME”, many years and decades of “TIME”.

My intent is to give ideas, reflect on possibilities that we the retired generation can utilize for our own benefits, and purposes, and contribute to the well-being of all of us.   


Let’s start the dialog with Cooking, Nutrition, Consumption.

We can all relate to this subject. 

These are the basic facts to be considered.

Cooking is not an Invention; Cooking is a Basic Human Instinct. The only people that cannot cook are those that do not



Eating has become a national obsession.

Cooking is a Family Affair.

An Affair to Remember

Single Mom.

It is a Demanding Life

Retired, with a lot of time;

to imagine and explore.

Single Girl - Woman 


Single Guy, Intense 

Let me introduce you to some of my Art, Craft, Creations and Imagination.


Nature; the Environment is the Soul of Our Existence.  

Just Things I Do


Mobiles I've made in my spare time.