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California, Napa County Administration

Minh C. Tran

County Executive Officer

Napa County Supervisors

Napa County Planning Commission

Planning Commissioner District 2
Email Dave Whitmer


Planning Com Anne Cottrell

missioner District 3
Anne Cottrell


Andrew Mazotti


Megan Dameron


Planning Commissioner District 1
Joelle Gallagher

Calistoga CA City Council


Mayor Chris Canning

Vice Mayor  Irais Lopez-Ortega

Councilmember Lisa Gift

Councilmember Gary Kraus

Councilmember  Donald Williams

Yountville CA City Council

John F. Dunbar, Mayor

(707) 948-2637

Kerri Dorman, Vice Mayor

(707) 948-2634

Margie Mohler, Council Member

(707) 948-2635

Marita Dorenbecher, Council Member

(707) 948-2636

Eric Knight, Council Member

(707) 948-2633

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