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Say something, I dare You!

The clarity of vision, the only way is achievable to have a clear and untarnished view, and understanding of issues, if one has the ability to rise above oneself, to see things for what they are, not the way we are, and the way we want to see it.


“Do not react; Think”. Step back, Listen, Reflect, contemplate with an open mind on all issues, it is not that “ONE” agrees or disagrees, the issue is to “UNDERSTAND”.

Imagine, Imagination Is The Preview of Our Future.

I m expressing  creative and Intellectual Ideas,

 to Inspire the Mind and Enrich the Soul.

Make a statement!

Ladies and gentlemen, as you see here, there are several ways “ONE” can express creativity, imagination, and contribute to their Mind and Soul.

I am introducing several issues – subjects to reflect on, to contemplate, to respond to, as you see it, feel it and understand.   

Make a statement!

Express Yourself.


Catch the Eye,  Make an Impact,  Make a Statement, 

Send a Message,  Turn Heads,  Speak,  Talk,  Communicate,  Comment,  Reply,  Respond,  Answer, Chatter,  Add,  Address,  Blabber,  Go, Yak,  Brake Silent, Open Your Mouth,  Speak One’s Peace,  Say Something, Yakkety-yak

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This Is Ferenc

Subjects; the Issues the Dialogs

Life and Freedom

Housing and the Affluent 

All these Little Rocket Men

Colonize the Ocean Not the Space;
it is ridiculous.

Cooking, Nutrition, Consumption. CNC

Say something, I dare You!

Colonize the Ocean Not the Space; it is ridiculous.

At this time of our existence as the ocean with all iceberg are melting, the ocean is conquering our landmass, it is just sinful and painfully ignorant not to colorize our ocean.

The ocean provides all elements that are necessary for humans, animals, and nature to exist and prosper.

Life exists between Sun and Water, the foundation of our being.

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Ocean Image #1.jpg

All these Little Rocket Men


All these “Billionaires” with overinflated egos, shuttling themselves toward Space, and they never get there.   What a Waste of Wealth and Resources.

One would think that spending all that  Wealth and Resources on people where that Wealth and Resources originated from. Should not this be more satisfying, nourishing the Soul.

So, all You Little Rocket Man, What Is Your Next Move? WIYNM  

Think About it……


Housing and the Affluent 

Let those that possess Money, Fame,

and Exposure,

which equals Influence and Control, lead the struggle to make

“The American Dream” becomes a reality.  

So, the idea is to create a national movement, outside the government and the overbearing bureaucracy.

This Is a Housing Crisis.

 Housing -Rental market that is at the edge of collapse, threatening to destroy tens of millions of Lives, Hopes, and Dreams.

This is the subject, and this is a possible answer to mediate the Housing Crisis. 
I am contemplating this “Idea” that has the potential to change many lives for the better, and will be a most rewarding experience. 

The only people that possess can give and contribute are those that are in the position of creative and economical wealth and recognition.

The wealth and power that these people all originate from the average people Of Our Country. Without these people that are willing to pay for they talent and products, would be worthless. No Fame, no Wealth.
You got a break; you give a brake.

These are the people that we have to turn to take the power  away from the overwhelming and inefficient bureaucratic system.

These are the people that are the Stars of Entertainment, Sports and other wealthy individuals that possess Money, Fame, Exposure, that equals to Influence and Control.

THEY are in control of events, THEY Can Make a Differences,

THEY can Make Things Happen.

Ultimately what is the end game for people that have wealth, fame, control, exposure, luxury, the ability to contribute, initiating and financing projects to serve a noble objective, that would contribute to the wellbeing of our society.  

This critical endeavor should not be perceived as a charity, but an investment in people, that is supported, and invested and made their privileged position a reality.

This is not to deny their talent, creativity, dedication,

and all the effort that is required to be at that level of accomplishment.  

Life and Freedom

Every one of us seeks and desires freedom.

Once you have it, what to do with it.


How to use it to your advantage,

and for the benefit of others.

We are all controlled in our life by Circumstance Desire and Greed. It Is Our Genes. CDG


Circumstances, the origin of our existence is not in our control, we just happen to be.


No matter of Circumstances, what country we originate from, we all possess a certain amount of Freedom and Control of our life.


People in Countries with totalitarian dictatorships possess less freedom. However, if one is not a rebel, they are free to be educated, to work, to socialize, and free to be, as long as one does not openly obstruct the System. You do as the System Dictates.

In these countries the freedom of speech and movement is limited.


In democratic countries, one has wider space and freedom to exist.


In this present climate and politics, our movement is limited, and we are muzzled by “Political Correctness “.


Is our first amendment hijacked? 

This is how the Socialist Oppression Begins, this is how the Socialist System chip away our freedom, undermining our dignity. 

We have to hide our feelings; we cannot say the way it is.


All open-minded dialog - discussions are limited by

“Political correctness “, so we are forced to lie, go along with this deception. 


Protect your life, preserve your freedom.

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