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Adam’s Revived.

The reality of the times that we have to face.

How to create an environment that lives up to the present economic, political and social environment.  

I firmly believe that the Future of the Community Owned Adams Street is The Future of St Helena.  

I develop a concept, a plan that most likely serves and represents the best interest of our community.

A plan that will create a forward-looking dimension, creating the environment that will set us above the average, providing a higher standard of excellence, excitement, amusement, motivation, and enlightenment.

An incomparable destination.

How This Concept, this Objective Can Become a Reality.

I ask myself?

Wow, wow, This Is Big.

OK; This Is How.

Establish a Very Exclusive Convection Center, with not more than 300 seat capacity.

Equipped with all the magic of technology.

Convention Center is The Foundation of the Concept. Available for commercial use to the World all around us.

This Is the Core. 

The Center Provides and serves many needs

on the level of excellence.

Available Council meetings and other official use.

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