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The Adventures Cougar The Cat

Cougar and the Company He Keeps


Cougar’s Dreams

A delightful romp through the cosmos as Cougar, a resourceful young cat of Abyssinian lineage, follows the call of destiny and the dictates of his heart. 

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Early one morning, Cougar noticed that the sky glowed with an unusual lilac color, as if it were beckoning him toward something new.


Up until now, he had been enjoying a comfortable snooze in his soft lair, occasionally observing his kingdom with complacency, and then lapsing back into his nap.


But suddenly he had been startled awake. Had someone or something called him? Curious, he sniffed the air. Yes, even the atmosphere seemed different and Cougar sensed his environment vibrating with change.


He stood up, awake and alert, feeling a breathing, observing presence all around him. He was interested but also reluctant. It would be so nice to continue his satisfactory life here, softly ensconced in his established kingdom. But even while resisting the call, he felt himself about to leap into the beckoning cosmos.


Irresistibly he was being led by his own instinctual curiosity, unable to hold back, while trying to retain his foothold in a reality he could understand. But then, realizing he couldn't resist, he finally decided. . .


let the adventure begin!

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