Future of St. Helena

The Revitalization of Main Street St. Helena in the face of this

New Era of Reality.


Hello to St. Helena, and all of the Players that are in the position to influence and guide Our Town’s Development in this time of Challenging Reality. 


It will never be like used to be. 


Big Problems Requires Big Solutions, Forward-looking

“Out of Box Creative Thinking”.


Our community is facing an unprecedented challenge in the revitalization of our economic future and lifestyle.


As of now, we have not heard any indication from any of

“The Players”; how they intend to create the circumstances that enable us to Face Reality and Move into The Future.


Repaving Main Street is a must; however, it is not going to improve the business climate.


The complexity of the project, considering all elements that have to be dealt with; State Highway 29, and many obstacles, known and unknown, the infrastructure, foundations, tree removal and replant, and our new and improved sidewalks.


It is Certainly a long-range and interruptive project.

I do not know where the project stands at this time.

However, this is our chance to explore all possibilities that are available to us to live up to the challenges that

This New Era of Reality Requires.


My reasoning to explore and introduce several possibilities to Make Our Main Street, the Face of our Town a unique destination, is to motivate the creative soul of our community, to contribute ideas, within accomplishable reality.


This scenario that I introduce has to be explored and be a community dialog.   Main Street Has to Became a Destination,

The Walk of Art, Life, and Imagination.


It is a unique challenge and opportunity for our community to participate and contribute, exploring all available possibilities.

I continue to post ideas on various community-related issues.

Look for it. Comment, contribute, participate, imagine.


Ferenc Brunner

St. Helena Ferenc@ThisIsFerenc.net




Future Hotel Complex on Adams???


Future of St. Helena

The Hotel Complex is not a Local Hotel, being part of the community, but an isolated Compound, that has no use for our community, especially not for Our Main Street and its merchants. 


The Hotel Complex will become The Warlord of our town. With the Hotel Complex, we lose our identity, our character, and our unique intellectual individuality, becoming subservient to a corporate power play.


Is this what we want, is this what the community desires and deserve? 


Selling ourselves for money? Are we this hopelessly desperate? As recently stated by the City, we are in a stable financial state.


So why the desperation? Remember, and it is “Crucial” The Future of The Community-Owned Adams Street Property, Is the Future of St. Helena.


Main Street as it is, on its own cannot be regenerated-revitalized. 


The world, the mind, the system is Amazonized, Googleized, Tweetelided.

 Facebook is a faceless deception, the new generation is evolving, with a new mindset, new ideas, and desires. This is the world we live in. 

This is what we have to like, this what we have to accept and deal with. Let’s not chase what is not there.


So, let’s face Fealty.


 Main Street is “The Face of Our Community,” so it is a fundamental requirement to keep Main Street alive, attractive to the tourists - visitors and locals alike.


However, big problems require big solutions, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking and approach that it has been created with.


We must create another dimension to our town, we must expand our horizon.

My Vision, My Plan for The Community-Owned Adams Street Property, lays out the foundation for a community-wide dialog, providing talking points of common interest. Establishing an intellectual and creative brain trust, that can and will evolve into a plan that will accomplish all of our objectives. Visit my Web Site - Blog to be enlightened of the particulars of “Creating the Future of St. Helena. 

ate Title

Hello St. Helena,

As I am listening and reflecting on voices coming out of people’s minds, the revitalization of our town, our economy, that the present process of politics and bureaucracy is unable to face and solve.

People that have been in this town, Our Beloved St. Helena for a length of time, must be aware that issues that are circulating, debating, and are arguing about have been around for many years, decades.

Housing, water, infrastructure, Adam Street Property, the revitalization of Main Street, and on and on. Same issues, same arguments.

Nothing has been solved, nothing has been accomplished.

Councils, bureaucrats, city managers come and go, without any

continuance and accomplishment.   

Why? Is there something inherently wrong with the system, the people we elect?

The system does not allow for leadership?

Or the people we elect do not possess the quality of leadership?

Should we change to a “Strong Mayor System, where the Mayor is the Chief Executive?

Any ideas, how should we move on?

Think about it.

Ferenc Brunner

Praising the Lawyers?


Lawyers in Political Power and Position. 

This is the way I see it;

Lawyers are a big part of our political, business, and personal existence.

There is no escape.

Lawyers have always been a part of St. Helena, our town’s political maneuvering.

Lawyers might be well trained in maneuvering the “Laws of the Land”, but they have not been very helpful and creative to establish a stable economic foundation for our town.

This is a fact.   

People that have been in this town, Our Beloved St. Helena for a length of time, must be aware that issues that are circulating, debating, and are arguing about have been around for many years, decades.

Housing, water, infrastructure, Adam Street Property, the revitalization of Main Street, and on and on. Same issues, same arguments.

What did, or have the Lawyers accomplished?

Nothing Changes, nothing has been accomplished.

Thank You, Lawyers???


According to the Congressional Research Service, 170 members of the House and 60 Senators are lawyers.

Out of a total of 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators (535 total in Congress), lawyers comprise the biggest voting block of one type, making up 43% of Congress. Sixty percent of the U.S. Senate is lawyers.

What we get is chaos – Stagnation.



After all these years of agonizing discussions, speculations, implications, and many wasteful dialogs, our City Government finally finds a home at the UVCC.

The estimated cost of $500,000 per year.

Hopefully, the Council’s finally will be able to do their duty, that is, to establish a solid economic foundation for our town. 

How and when; it is anyone’s guess, all we can do is hope.

The only emotion that is stronger than fear; is hope.


We hope that we do not get disappointed, “ONE” will come along providing leadership, with new spirit and imagination.

 A leader is “ONE” that is creatively able to manipulate all available possibilities.

Napa Valley offers all imaginable opportunities.

Now that the City Hall issue is settled, let’s deal with issues that are critically timely and important.

Water, Housing, Infrastructure, our Main Street, that is

“The Face of Our Town, and of course, Adams Street.


The Future of the Community Owned Adams Street Property is The Future of St. Helena.

The 58 +++++million price tag that we are facing, to rebuild our long-neglected Infrastructure is the greatest burden on our community.

An obstacle, an incredible challenge to overcome.

With the “City” moving to the new home, (UVCC),

all of the Railroad Avenue Property becoming available for Affordable Housing.

Other city-owned properties are also available for housing.

The expense of housing is being the greatest burden in people’s lives, so it is critical to find a way to ease this burden, that sucks the life out of people's existence. 

The overbearing political and bureaucratic process make it practically impossible to create the so-called “Affordable Housing”, If it has to be subsidized, that it is “Not Affordable”.

Reflecting on the financial obligation, $58millions and growing by the day, at this point, there is no economic foundation to fulfill these obligations, so it is just dregs on, and the $$$$$$$ just going up.

Conclusion; our town is Technically Bankrupt.

And life goes on.

Let’s Think About It.

This town is here, and it is here to stay.

A Community effort is required to make it so.

Think BIG, big problems requires BIG SOLUTIONS, out of box thinking.


Imagination is the Preview of Our Future. 

Ferenc Brunner

St. Helena