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Thinking is a Mysteries Gift of Being.

Say Something; Do Something,

Not to Do; is not To Be

Express your Creative

and Imaginative Ideas

Make a statement, Catch the Eye, Make an Impact, Make a Statement, send a Message, Turn Heads, Speak, Talk, Communicate, Comment, Reply, Respond, Answer, Chatter, Add, Address, Blabber, Go, Yak, Brake Silent, Open Your Mouth, Speak One’s Peace, Say Something, Yakkety-yak

Rise Above Yourself. RAY

The clarity of vision, the only way is achievable to have a clear and untarnished view, and understanding of issues, if one has the ability to rise above oneself, to see things for what they are, not the way we are, and the way we want to see it.

“Do not react; Think. Step back, Listen, Reflect, contemplate with an open mind on all issues, it is not that “ONE” agrees or disagrees, the issue is to “UNDERSTAND”.


Imagination Is the Preview of Our Future.

This Is Ferenc

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