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Renaissance of St. Helena

If we do not face it, we cannot change it.

Change is hard, change is good, and change is life.

Our present economic situation is the result of our resistance to change,

facing reality, and rolling with the punches.

So, let’s face it and change it.

The election of a new mayor and council members has never been more critical than at this present time, when we are facing so many obstacles and challenges.

In this new era of political and economic reality, driven by the magic and intrusion of ever-expanding technology, we have to have out-of-the-box thinking and mentality. OBTM

Eric Hall, the mayoral candidate for our town of St. Helena, will be a positive change.

I have several meetings with Eric, reflecting on and considering all community  issues and interests.

I am convinced that Eric is our man. He can lead the community to accomplish those changes.

Community involvement and support are critical.

The community’s creativity, intellect, energy, and wisdom are the foundation of our collective strength.

For the community to interact and contribute, the only way this is accomplishable is if "ONE LEADS INITIATES"  with ideas and realistic possibilities.

This has to be voiced constantly to be ingrained in the community's mind.

A leader is "one" that is able to manipulate all available possibilities. Be the "ONE".

Eric Hall can accomplish the necessary changes with a new spirit, imagination, and personality.

He can rise to the occasion and bring the young adults of our community along with him, harvesting their energy, creativity, and support.

Go for It.

This is Ferenc

The Revitalization of Main Street, St. Helena in this New Era of Reality,

Main Street is the face of our town.

By creating "The Walk of Art on Main," we will open up another dimension to our town, expanding our horizons with creativity and imagination.

We connect Main to Adams, via the Yellow Brick Road, arriving at a panoramic view and giving our town another dimension.

The future of the Adams Street Property, ASP, is a sensitive issue and has been debated for decades.

The following concept I am proposing keeps the ASP open for future development, as the community makes a final decision of the ASP’s destiny.

The project is portable, there will not be any permanent structures erected, so Adams is available for further development.

The Renaissance of St. Helena will lead to a new era of prosperity.

We are going to open up fifty spots of 100 to 150 sq. ft. strategically arranged, connected with Paths of Art.

Each SPOT will be assigned to a person that is able to provide a display, an exhibit, or a reflection on the era of the Renaissance.

ART, Craft, Imagination.

All displays have to stand up to the weather, and the natural elements.

“ONE” has to be Clever, Imaginative, and Adventures.   


An artist is "ONE" who is creatively able to manipulate all available possibilities.

There would be a passive arrangement, the participant does not have to attend their domain. We do not sell, buy, or advise; we just amuse, motivate, and enrich the mind.

Each participant is remotely able to monitor, change, and improve their domain.

Adams' property is 5.5 acres. An acre of land is 43,560 square feet. A total of 217,800 square feet.

There is abundant open space, with a panoramic view.

Please reflect on and consider this idea, this concept, as a way for our community to collectively utilize our creative imagination,  and vitality.  

Feel free to comment. Your energy, creativity, and imagination are essential for the success of this endeavor.

This is Ferenc

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