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Greetings Newcomers.

 Vineyard Valley is an oasis in the heart of St. Helena.

Welcome to our world, a new era of your existence.

What you are, where you came from, and what you did are all important, but the question is, what have you become, and where do you go from here? ​

When one retires and becomes free, let's say at the age of 60–65, they have another lifetime of 10, 20–30 years to live, to creatively and satisfyingly fulfill.

To fill the decades of a lifetime in a way that is satisfying, fulfilling, and contributing, is the greatest challenge that we have to face.

It is a "unique form of art."

How to make "the old mind" think "young again".

Do Something, Think Something.

Not to Do is Not to Be.

Good luck on your journey to eternity.

This is Ferenc  


Enjoy our Creative Expressions and Ideas.

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