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Our Freedom and Prosperity ".

What is important to a human’s basic existence?

Freedom, Economy, and Security,  = Prosperity. FESP

Under these conditions, people can excel, prosper, create, and imagine all of the possibilities that life offers. Imagination is a preview of our future.

People are the source of life, imagination, creation, and the foundation of our existence.  

In the present political and economic atmosphere, where we have to function under fear and intimidation.

Our freedom of speech and expression is endangered.


This cannot stand.

Without freedom ONE is not a Person, not an individual.

 Where there is no freedom; there is no life worth living.


The Facts of Life.


The truth about truth is that there is no such thing, and that is the truth.

God has given us humans free will; make your own decisions,

the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The reason people fight and are always in conflict is because peace is boring.

Peace is not in our DNA.

Observe the past, and the present, and draw your conclusion, is there hope to create a better, more equitable society?

People disagree, even if they agree, just because they have nothing meaningful to say.

Because of this human condition; it is hard to accomplish.


This is Ferenc

Think about it.

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